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Starting out in Katanning

 Hi everyone! I'm Emily, and I have three kids aged 9, 8, and nearly 7. We're about to start Homeschool (term 4), and I'm keen to meet up with anyone else in the south west / southern wheatbelt region? Looking forward to meeting you all!

Nannup area

Hi all. We are based near nannup, but travel around the southwest a bit. Would love to meet up with other unschoolers or homeschoolers. Our son is nearly 7, but gets along with people of any age.

Living 'remote' and homeschooling

 Hello everyone,

Homeschooling in Denmark

 Hi, We are homeschooling our 5 year old son in Denmark and have been hoping to get in contact with other homeschoolers around the area, possibly to arrange some excursions or to join an already established group if anyone knows of any? Thanks :) Claire

New at SOR

Hi, I am new and looking to homeschool my little ones. Would love to meet up with anyone! Love to join any activities! ;)

Home Schoolers in Geraldton

 Goodmorning, i was wondering if there was anyone homeschooling from Geraldton at all.

Literacy / Maths Home Tutor

 Would anyone like a weekly session with a Literacy / Maths Home Tutor? I'm based in Freo but am happy to travel up to 45 minutes to your home. I'm a Registered Primary School Teacher and am very experienced in a one -to - one work with children who have difficulty reading. Many of the children I have tutored in Maths have increased significanly in confidence and ability. I also love to work with parents to prevent and overcome reading difficulties and to help open up the interesting and enjoyable world of print for their children.


Hi would love to meet up with some other families who are home schooling we are interested in a waldorf approach and would love to organize craft and art and nature play with other kiddies cooperatively. I have an 8 year old girl and a 4 year old boy.Hope to near from you. kathy

Hi, I'm exploring options for my son

 Hi everyone I am exploring homeschooling as an option for my son who has just turned 9 because I'm not convinced the school environment he is currently in (although a small, independent public school) is the most conducive to his learning. Actually, I've told him very little about homeschooling, yet he has learnt enough from other kids to be asking if he can be homeschooled instead of going to school.

Looking for like-minded families Freo and SOR

Hello, I'm a mum to two daughters aged 5 and 2. We're brand new to homeschooling and natural learning and are keen to meet some like minded souls! Thanks, Sarah