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Homeschool in Nannup


Home school

Hi can someone tell me is it hard to set up home school . I have a 13 year old she in year 8 and she has intellectual disability

Youth Art Workshops in Mandurah

Hi, I'm Marie Mitchell, artist, conservation advocate and educator. During a 3 month artist residency starting January 2022 at Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah I will be offering 3-day art workshops for youth. I have just posted the first one on Humanitix. It is called Aspiring Environmental Youth Artists 3-Day Workshop and Public Exhibition. 

https://events.humanitix.com/ - search workshops in Mandurah

Deciding to un-school

 Hi! I have an 8mo and nearly 4 yr old. They're quite cluey and highly verbal (even miss 8mo).I'm trying to convince my husband that home schooling is our best bet. We're in Albany and hope to meet up with others who are also home schooling. What's your experience with this? Also. When would you start home schooling? 

New homeschoolers

 Hi we have just started homeschooling our 8 & 6 yr old daughters this yr we also have a 3 yr old boy & 6mth old girl. We are finding it difficult to connect with the homeschooling community. We live in Dawesville near mandurah. Anyone else homeschooling in the area?

Cheers jaimee 

New in Bunbury

 Hi there,

I'm planning to homeschool my 7 and 4 year olds starting in February. I am Irish but living in WA since 2012. I'm feeling pretty terrified about the organisational aspects of homeschooling and where to begin in terms of planning.Thanks



Unschooling in Rockingham/Kwinana region

We are removing our 5 year old from traditional schooling at the end of term 1, 2015. We will be Un-Schooling (aka Free-Schooling) them from then onwards and will be endeavouring to meet the home school curriculum via this method. We are looking to meet other families interested in skill-sharing and group activities such as sports/games, craft projects, large scale projects (eg; a community garden), group excursions (observatory, zoo, art galleries, etc), camps/camping and general free play time with other children.

Waldorf Inspired Homeschool Group

  Hello, I will be homeschooling my three year old and looking for one or two other mums and kids aged 11/2 to 3 (ish) to meet regularly each week for socialising for the kids - friends they can grow up with. Also share our 'curriculum ' ideas ect. We live in the hills so it would be great if there is anyone also in the hills or farming areas, but happy to travel most places. Not interested in gossip sessions:) My daughter has Sensory Integration Dysfunction so a small regular group would be perfect. Cheers, Jackie

Home schooling

 Hi...I am a grandmother living in Denmark and for the next couple of weeks will be looking after my grandson as his mother is unwell. His mother home schools him and he is used to socializing with other home schoolers. I am just checking if the Denmark home schoolers have any activities over the next few weeks that he could be involved with.

His Poppy is bringing him down tomorrow and I have some activities organized but it would be special for him to socialize if possible.


Cheers Kathy


 Hello, hello to everyone

I am in Attadale and am just starting on this awesome journey of homeschooling our nearly 9yr old son Marcus. Would love to catchup soon?

Cheers Debbie