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Bridgetown anyone ?!?

 hello all,


My daughter and i are moving to Bridgetown in a couple of weeks. She is craving for friends to play with. And I would love to meet new friends as well.


Is there any unschooling families around ? Bridgetown or Balingup ?





Welcome on board :) There is a crew towards Margaret River, they haven't posted for a while.  Hopefully one of them will check in and help you out soon :)

thank you Bek

How old is your daughter? I have an almost 7 year old son, we are currently based half way between nannup and balingup.

Hi Ekscott, sorry only just got your message. My daughter is 3.

Hi there, we are unschoolers living in Bridgetown. We moved here a few months ago and are really missing our Freo natural learning co-op and meet ups. Are you still in the area? I'd be keen to meet up for a play and chat. My kids are 6 and 10.

Yes ! Do you want to email me your number so I can call you ? Talk to you soon !