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denmark home schoolers

HI all we are a family of five Jaynie and Kennit; our daughters Nikau (9yrs)  and Sienna (8 yrs) and son Arri (3yrs).  We are moving to WA from New Zealand most likely to the Denmark region.  We have done a mix of home schooling, natural learning, and time in a waldorf school in NZ, currently my eldest daughter at waldorf others at home.  We are looking at options in WA. A community of like minded, like living folks is essential to a happy flow for us and kids.  Is there much of a home schooling community around Denmark/ Albany?  Any organised activities?  Considering the Golden Steiner School any info on this appreciated.  Blessing J and K

Welcome on board :)

I'm pretty sure there's at least one person somewhere in that area on here somewhere.

Hi! I am in the freo area so just wanted to say welcome until the Denmark members drop by :)

Hello and welcome. I'm living near Fremantle currently, but planning to move down to Denmark within the next 6 months, so we have been trying to find out the same information as you. Denmark is a wonderful place, with lots of like minded people ;) and a lovely community feel but there doesn't seem to be a big homeschooling network at the moment. Hopefully that will change as there are a few families all planning a move there or considering it at least. It seems there are a lot more homeschooling families in Albany but not so many of the natural learning persuasion, from what I understand. There are organised activties running in Albany and I was told the other day that someone in Denmark is planning on offering a kind of 'outdoor school' to homeschoolers next year, which sounds like it could be interesting. I don't know much about the Steiner School in Denmark other than a friend's 9 yo daughter goes there and they seem happy with it.

Hello and welcome. My family including our 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter have just bought a block down in Denmark and are moving as soon as we can. I have met a couple of homeschooling families down there and it seems to be a growing community. I am looking into setting up a regular weekly get together at a hall near Denmark so I will keep you posted. Looking forward to meeting you. x

Hello :)

We're in Albany at the moment, until my partner's apprenticeship is over, then we're heading to Denmark.

I've spoken with a few folk who live there and who are moving there and we're all keen to get a regular weekly NL meet up happening in Denmark.

Albany lacks something like that. There is one person who is the contact point for the whole home education network here, and it's not very easy to make contacts.

We're hoping to have  a much more open group in Denmark. I'm meeting up with an NL family in the next week or so to get something off the ground so will keep this forum updated with any new info on that.

Joss it sounds like I need to talk to you before setting anything up though! Keen to hear about the hall you're looking into...

mamatoto, it'll be lovely to meet you when you get here.

Yay! I'm excited :)