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education dept dilema

 hi,can anyone advise me on what i can 13 year old daughter is regisrered for home schooling,she is extremly inteligent and finds the curriculum set by the ed dept unstimulating.we are at a point in which our moderator is dissapointed in my daughters progress and is starting to apply pressure and threats of deregistration.unlike the dept i am not concerned with her progress in fact i feel very posative about her future,my understanding is that if deregistered the dept will intervene in a variaty of ways that i can only see as having a negative affect on my daughter and the family as a whole.i am a sole parent with two daughters the other 19,we are a strong stable family unit and cannot afford negativity and narrow mindedness,how do we get off of this merry go round?is natural learning a method of education that can be signed up for as an alternative to the standard home schooling curriculum,it has been suggested to me that if deregistered for non compliance that we could have the police at our door to escort my daughter to school and i could face possible charges of child neglect,any input would be greatly appreciated.

Can you/ would you do a more natural unschooling approach? Perhaps unit studies? There are many ways to learn, and the current approach, particularly by the mod, seems concerning. It is the parent who decides what and how their children learn. Are you in a position to request a more suitable moderator? We don't have a choice here in Geraldton, only one mod, but in Perth they can request someone more understanding of their methods etc.

thanks for the reply andrea,re ed dept dilema,iam in the goldfields region and i believe we only have one mod,your response has prompted me to put pen to paper and express my concerns and dissatifaction with the current process to the head of the goldfields region hs and to the minister of ed as a sign that i am pro active about my childs ed but more so pro active about her emotional stability,we are moving to the bunbury area in october in hope that it will broaden her social and activity needs so i will look forward to engaging with other home schoolers in the area,thanks again for responding,i will keep you informed of our progress. 

Hi Neil, moving to Bunbury sounds good. Unschooling is definitely an option, although some mods don't like it. Bit frustrating when they bring their personal preference into it. Our first mod years ago was a bully, anti homeschooling etc, we made many calls to Perth regarding him and his threats. Don't be afraid to go over their heads. On the upside, sounds like you're all doing well, know where you stand, and all the best. 


Hi Neil

Been ruminating on this one for a couple of days, sounds like a tough one.  Usually all you need for unschooling is some good records (you don't even have to split them into subject areas or anything like that, mods know how to do that kind of thing).  Does your mod want you to have more detailed records? Do they not "get" natural learning? The former is easy enough to rectify, latter might be a hard slog.  There's also a slew of other things that could be contributing, have you met up with any other homeschoolers in your area? Especially old hand ones? As this kind of situation is worth picking someone's brain over :)

Good luck with the letter writing and the move!