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Hi We are thinking about homeschooling our 2 boys (7&9) as our catchment school is so ridged, so many rules and trying to control everything it's ridiculous! They both perform very well but are not happy there and have a constant battle to get them to do the mound of homework given every night. Not to sure how to go about it or even if if would be a better option for us, we are going travelling at the end of the year for six month and planning on unschooling them while away as we feel they will learn so much from our adventure. Thanks Sus

Welcome on board :) Travelling sounds fun, and a good opportunity to pick up unschooling because you can just throw "schoolwork" out the window and call it a holiday (the "schoolwork" aspect is what most new homeschoolers really struggle with when they start) :)

You keep a journal on the trip so you can record all the cool things you all did and learned and then you'll end up with a pretty good idea of how it runs normally ;) And encourage them to do likewise if they want!