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 Hi, thinking about homeschooling my two girls (they are still little, 3 and  18mth), we live between the hills and northam and just wondering what the homeschool community is like out my way and if there is one!! am slightly overwhelmed by the mainstream kindy starting at 3.5yr and prep the next year, it just seems so young! have been thinking about h/s and starting to do some reading ...and there is lots to read! i like the steiner approach for the early years and would love any info and comments :-)

Welome on board :) Can't recall anyone out your way on the forum off the top of my head (not to say there aren't any, just can't recall any!).  There is a lot to read, just remember to take them as suggestions rather than how you should be doing things otherwise you risk mental overload ;)

The inside forums are a little bit quiet but feel free to drop in and ask questions anyway, there's a couple of people I can kick to respond and I float around every so often and it may encourage the other new people to start talking and ask questions too.

You can check us out at We are a home-school program that supports mom's on this big adventure.
We also have a wonderful program for moms and their little ones. It's a class that is a playgroup where we all participate. We talk about child development and do crafts while the children play. It's in Midland, WA and I think you would love the group of women and children.