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Hi! I'm new from Seville Grove

Hi there, I've decided to hs my kids starting in July this year. I am looking to do heaps of research before then to make it a smooth transition from school for my 9yo dd, 7yo and 5yo boys. I also have a 1 yo boy as well.
Hi. I'm around the corner in kelmscott. My son is 5. He's very social and we love going to parks etc. been homeschooling for approx 6 months. There is lots to learn!

Welcome on board :) I have two kids the same ages as your older two.  I haven't been organising the park meetups lately and haven't checked to see if anyone else is.  Can organise to meet up in a park somewhere with Tanya (hello! XD) and if you want I can try to get quadrapop to come too so you can see what the high school end is like :)