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Hello, I have been thinking of home educating / Unschooling off and on for a few years, my son is 7 and taking him into such a structured and rigid environment each day is difficult for me. Just looking for help to get started, is the ed dept getting tougher on applying and registrations? Do i need to give reasons to them for my decision to homeschool? Feeling nervous to take the plunge... Regards

Welcome on board! I'm pretty sure there's a few crew down your way now so have a squizz through the forums and see if you can track them down.

Haven't heard of ed dept getting tougher on applying/registrations, it would be remarkably stupid considering it's not that tough to enrol your kid in any other given school (aside from whatever the school might require but they're not ed dept).  I think they have a space where you can give a reason if you like but it's optional.

If you're feeling really nervous about it maybe give yourself a time limit, tell yourself you'll just try it for a year or a semester or a term, whatever you're game for, and if it works out keep going and if it doesn't, re-enrol in school :) Also hunt down the other people in your area, having other people who have similar concerns or who have been there done that always helps :)