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Home school

Hi can someone tell me is it hard to set up home school . I have a 13 year old she in year 8 and she has intellectual disability

Welcome on board :)

How hard it is to set up depends on what you're trying to set up.  If you're pretty much setting up a school at home, it might be interesting depending on your budget.  If you're leaning more towards the "natural learning" side (which is a lot of what we're about) most of what's required is registering as a homeschooler and coming up with a vague plan of how you're going to achieve the learning outcomes and then a lot of the expenditure will come from however many organised activities or excursions that cost money (such as Scitech lessons or getting into the zoo if you don't have membership) you decide to do.

Hi, I have a 13 year old boy on the autism spectrum and I have found it much easier than school was for us. 

We do lots of slow bushwalking and talk about the science of bush medicine and it's health benefits. We use Google and YouTube to learn about the insects, birds and plants we see and take note of seasons and life cycles. 

He loves the natural lighting, low noise and easy pace of this learning style. Plus - no bullies, no peer pressure, racism or classism. Sadly our school experience had all those negatives and none of the positives. 

We live in Collie if you would like to try a walk with our family. I have mobility issues so I need to walk each day to keep my health in check, so most days are suitable. 

We are a mix of vax'd and unvaccinated. 


Good luck