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Homeschooling and Centrelink


I've been considering homeschool for my 8 year old for about a year. The older she gets the more she seems to struggle with school. Not the work, she is really intelligent, but more the schedule, demands and just the way everything is done. She's very sensitive and just doesn't seem to fit in the public school environment. Emotionally she is struggling. I wonder if homeschooling would suit her better.

What I'm concerned about is being able to support the two of us if I decided to take this option. I am a single parent so I rely on Centrelink to supplement my part time income. If I did home schooling I would have to quit work. Does anyone know how Centrelink address people who home school? Is it considered an approved activity? Are there any sole parents here, how do you support your family?


Welcome on board :)

Hm tough one, I think it could be an approved activity as they haven't hounded me to start working (I get FTB), but I don't actually know the specifics of that and also not single.  You said you work part time, do you have any family or close enough that are able to babysit while you're at work? Or depending on what you do would it be possible to bring her along with a device and set her up out of the way with some "school work"? (and then you can run around and unschool the rest of the time)

If you'd rather not discuss it publicly there's some more private forums which I'll give you access to shortly after I've hit the save button.

Hi Nikky

My son is also 8 years old and we will be starting home education next year.  We live in Coogee, WA.  If you live nearby and decide to go ahead with it, let me know, we might be able to organise some playdates and use each other as a sounding board.

Kind regards


Hi Nikki 


I am a single mum of a 6 year old boy, and we homeschool. I work part time ( Im lucky enough to have a work place that allows him to tag along) he uses work time to watch documentories, play with lego or do simple worksheets. I receive parenting payment from centerlink and as long as I am a registered homeschooler ( ie he is legally enrolled ) I can continue to claim benifits. You will need to show them your certificate of registration each year in order to remain exempt from having to meet the "seeking work" requirements. It takes a little more forethought and planning, and there are certain sacrifices that you will have to make, but it certainly can be done. 

Feel free to ask anything

All the best