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Homeschooling in Fremantle

Hello, I'm Emma, originally from Yorkshire, England. I'm home schooling my 9yr old skate-mad son in Fremantle until May of this year. I'm looking for activities, visits etc for home schoolers in the area (or anywhere nearby accesible by public transport) and hopefully also a skate buddy for Reuben (we're at the main skate park most mornings). Nice to meet you!

Welcome on board! Did you find anyone? I don't have contact details for the current crew down that way, will poke someone who does for you.  I don't know if too many of them are into skating but they might be able to meet you at the skate park maybe.

Hi Emma

My 8 year old son and I start homeschooling next year.  Are you still looking for someone to meetup with?  We'd love to get in touch.

Kind regards


Hi Emma, how is homeschooling going ? we also are homeschooling our seven year old and are looking for opportunities to socialise him a bit more are you still interested in connecting with other homeschoolers we are in south Freo. Regards Drew and Renee
Hi Emma, I've recently seen your comment, I've noticed it was posted over a year ago....Hopefully it's still current. I would like the chance to talk to you regarding Reuben and my 10year old Son, Alex. We're nice and local....White Gum Vally. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Warm regards, Terri.