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Horse Riding for Children


Home School Horse Riding Lessons.

Premium quality small group lessons, with safe well educated horses and ponies, run by a qualified teacher with a Bachelor of Education, and 20+ years experience teaching horse riding to children both here and internationally. Cheapest horse riding lessons in Perth from a caring, patient and fully qualified teacher !

Armadale / Wungong / North Byford. South of the River. Armadale foothills.

Lovely rustic rural setting. We provide individual attention. Encourage children with learning difficulties from all different cultural backgrounds, self paced learning, inclusion, we welcome families from 4y + and their parents are closely involved.

Horse riding, horse handling and horsemastership skills are renowned for bringing the best out in all children, horses and children develop a special bond and responsibilities, co-ordination, fitness, etc... that transfer across to other learning areas.

Vacancies for term 1, taking bookings now.

Tue, Wed, Thursday and Friday morning lessons from 10am – noon.

Hour lessons are priced according to numbers of riders in the class, so if 5 riders =$24.20 per lesson per rider. (or if 4 riders, $30.25, or if 3 riders, $41). So tell your friends, invite them along, form a group, or add to one of our groups. Call Anita Moor Now – 0438687666. Email but I do not go on ‘face book’ very often, so call or email please.

Welcome on board :) I like your pricing structure, I'll see if my rider wants to start back up again and if her brothers still want to join her (they showed some interest before but I didn't let them due to cost).