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Living 'remote' and homeschooling

 Hello everyone,

I'm considering homeschooling starting next year as i've been a bit disallusioned with the institute of school thus far (we've just done kindy).  I have completed one year of a masters of teaching so feel well equiped in that regard however I would take a much more learner directed approach than the school system seems to!  I also worry that my five year old will suffer socially as he is quite shy and reserved.  We live 30 minutes from our closest two towns (Kojonup and Frankland River) and an hour and a half from Albany/Denmark.  I would be prepared to travel to these larger regional centres to get socialisation for my son.  

My question is are any of you located regionally and do you find it difficult to keep up with the motivation of making sure your children are socialising with peers their own age as well as different ages?  Thanks!  

Welcome on board :) Man Kindy is really early to get disillusioned by school o_O There's a great crew down in Albany/Denmark if you can dig them up, they haven't posted on here for a while.  Poke into the meetup forums and see if you can contact the people that were contacts for those groups.  Also check the HBLN mailing list if you haven't already, that might dig up more people for you.

I think I have high standards and I am part way through studying a masters of education myself (put on hold for baby #3!)  however what we get taught as 'best practice' at uni (reggio, learning through play, etc) is not what I see in the 'system' and my son who loves learning is not enjoying the what he calls "work" at school because its all worksheets and rote.  Anyway I am still weighing things up!  Will try to get in touch with the Albany/Denmark people!  Thanks 

Might be taking "the system" a bit to catch up :)

I actually meant Margs/Denmark as that's the crew I know, I have heard there are people in Albany too :)

Hey Shayela! Totally understand the disillusionment with school. Our 5 year old's kindy experience was also quite off putting, despite a fancy private school. We don't live near you (we wish haha), but we do enjoy camping and there are many beautiful camping places in your area. We'd be up for a group camping trip, or a play date if we are down in your area.

Hi Shayela, if your are still looking for other homeschool contacts we are in Denmark. I have a five year old son and mainly stick to a project/ interest based approach with him. Its a work in progress :) we head up to Perth about once a month and pass through Kojonup so let me know if you are interested in arranging something. Thanks, Claire. 

Hi Shayela, if you're still looking to Homeschool or have made the decision to - I am based in Katanning and would love to meet up! Let me know if you'd like to :-)