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Looking For Homeschool Groups In The Geraldton Area?

 Hi everyone. I'm Kate! I'm new here, have recently moved from VIC to WA and am looking for like minded support groups in Geraldton. I have 3 kids (12, 4, 2) and I am researching as much as I can on alternative / natural / home & unschooling. 

My DS12 is currently in public school and I want to make sure I can be the best teacher, before I go and tear him out of school.

Hopefully I can get help and advice from people here.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Welcome on board.  There's at least one family based around the Geraldton area from memory.  You can start asking questions in the inside forums as well if you're keen ;)

Thanks bek :)

Hi Kate welcome to wa. Gero is lovely, I used to live there. The higschool is feral so if you can avoid sending your child there all the better. I'm not sure who's there anymore but I know there used to be quite a nice group of home edders there who met regularly. If you go to the Hbln website and look under co-ops, you should see a link to a contact in geraldton. Hope that helps. P.s you were born the best teacher for your children :-)

hi @three2love :) bummer, wish you were still here! Well i took DS out of school and have been unschooling for about a month now. Everything going well, except STILL cant find like minded families :( 
I've been in touch with the group organiser, however, they dont schedule meet ups, apparently :( Because we don't know anyone over here, i am starting to feel a bit upset and isolated :( the kids are dying to make friends/hang out with other kids.

I've tried going to the park to find other families but find it difficult as I have a specal needs child and a toddler, which becomes VERY hard (and highly stressful) to go anywhere. 

Hi Kate!

I am a family day care mum in Geraldton, but really considering home schooling my 3yo next year. Actually, what I am contemplating at this point is home schooling + day care - like being a day care mum/home educator a few days/week for home schooling working parents, if that makes sense. I think there may be quite a demand for it.


I'll let you know, because if I do I'll have a schooling group of up to 7, and you'd be welcome to visit :)



Hi Sarah! Sounds like a good idea! Have you heard of co-op ing? It's an American term, but it sounds a bit like what you have in mind. I hope it all works out!:) Andrea
Hi Kate, my name is Andrea. I have been h-s in Geraldton for 14years now. I meet with a few other h-s about every 2weeks. Let me know if you are still looking to connect:) Andrea

Is coop-ing when you take it in turns to teach each other's kids? I thought about that but I think my daughter's a bit little still and am really enjoying doing what I'm doing.


Andrea - is there any way I can get in touch with the hs group? I am really struggling to make a decision re next year!  Love the idea of home schooling and I'm a qualified teacher, so not overly concerned with the education aspect, but have worries around socialising etc. I need to pick the brains of some one who's done it, and find out if my idea for next year is viable, because I still really need to be earning an income.



Hi Sarah, the only contact for the ‘main group‘ is however not a lot seems to happen, & I don‘t know if many hs look in. I am hoping to organise a general get together in the next few weeks and am hoping many will hear about it. Otherwise, the only link up I can give you is with myself & several other women who meet as Christian homeschoolers. If you are ok with that you are welcome to join us. Otherwise, I will do what I can to find contacts for you. There are plenty of us around, and I think you have a good idea. Andrea

Um hi my name is karly and I really want to do homeschooling I don't feel right in my other school btw I'm 11 and I have told my perents but there not to sure they want to allow me to do homeschooling I really want to so can any of you gives me good reasons for me to do homeschooling if you could do that that would be amazing

Hi Karly,

How is it going? Are you now homeschooling?

Hi Kate, 

Welcome to WA, Geraldton aye thats great. I heard its beautiful up there, I have never been up there myself but I would like to visit it some time. If you are on FB check out Lynley's Reading School.

Brilliant lessons and product for your kids if you are interested.