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New to all this

Hi we are new to homeschooling, planning on starting in the new year. We have given up on the school system after asking for assistance and a little bit of common sense for my eldest (now9) they've had five years and I've used up all my energy on them. We currently live in dowerin a wheat belt town, but are possibly either moving to York or we're going to hit the road and just travel oz (road school). I am wondering if there's anyone else homeschooling in either northam, York or Beverly that would be open to meeting with us to discuss their journey and what methods or outcome they use or have experienced. I have three daughters (9,8 and 4) and we're keen to get going. Any advice or help are greatly appreciated. We have also posted this query with hbln northam support and perth homeschool forum but haven't received any responses. Thanks again Boby

Welcome on board.  We're thinking of possibly moving out that wayish but that doesn't really help you now does it :) Homeschool forums (this one inclusive) tend to be a bit quiet because people do stuff, and apparently after Facebook everything is "too hard".  If you feel like reading through the posts you might find something useful, otherwise you can ask questions and hopefully the activity will stir up other people who may just not be paying attention because forums tend to be quiet :)

Thanks for your help. Sometimes I think I should just send them to school, but I also see how much it is killing their spirit. They don't actually seem to learn anything at school and being such a small school if they're behind they stay there. Things only seem to make sense to them if it interests them (so true for all of us) and since we're moving to 5 acres there is plenty of space for free expression. How do your kids enjoy homeschool and how do you deal with boredom/bickering?

Poorly XD

Nah I deal with it fine when I'm not overworked and overtired (same with everything really eh :).  Unless they feel like picking a fight (in which case there is nothing anyone can do to defuse it, they will fnd ways to escalate it and all attempts to defuse will also make it worse) they generally sort themselves out or come ask an adult or older child to arbitrate if they actually want a problem sorted out. They like homeschooling enough that they don't want to go to school (have asked a few times, 8yo did actually ask to go at one stage but when we were trying to prepare her for the amount of busywork I was hoping I was overestimating they would do she changed her mind).

Hit the road!!! We did, gave up everything, bought an old motor home and just go where the wind takes us. We started out homeschooling but are now unschooling, and this lifestyle is the best thing for children. The opportunties that "just happen" for learning are never ending. And our son just soaks everything up. He even asks to do bookwork. I haven't needed to push him to do anything, he wants to learn and I have found that he naturally and insinctivly asks to be taught everything he needs to know. ( which even includes times tables lol).