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New and a lil bit scared

 Hello homeschoolers

I'm Clare, I am sick and tired of the school system and the effect it is having on my 7y/o son who has ADHD. Im seriously considering homeschooling but im worrying about socialising him.

I live halfway between Mandurah and Bunbury at the moment but we are moving closer to Bunbury at the end of the year. Is there any groups in this area?

Thanks so much!

Welcome on board :) There's some crew down Margaret River way, I think but can't remember for sure there were some in your general vicinity :)

Hi Clare,

I have a 7 year old son with SPD,ADHD and located in Waroona. 30 minutes from Mandurah and an hour from Bunbury. I'm new to home school as I have given up on the current main stream schooling way to help our gorgeous kid flourish and love learnng.

I'm scared but after exhusting all avenues I honestly feel this is the only and best option for us. I have got in contact with the Peel Homeschool group and still searching for more socialising opportunities closer to home. Good luck with your journey Clare.

If any one is ome schooling in the Waroona/Harvey area I would love to hear from you.