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New here!

 Hey everyone! 

We are starting homeschooling next year. Our kiddies are 4 and a half (girl),  2 and a half (boy) and 10 months old (boy). Would love to meet up with homeschoolers anywhere really, but live in Bentley. Hope to meet some soon! 

Warmest Regards


Hi Jeannette,

Hope you are well, I saw your message. How is it all going?

Regards, Nia

Welcome on board :) One of my crews (I have two now XD) has kids similar age, we're in eastern suburbs and have what seems to be turning into a roving weekly park meet/playgroup if you don't mind a short hike.

I would love to catch up, I am a 16 year old girl that is currently being home schooled, I LOVE little kids and some experience would be great for my childcare course, you could also talk to my mum about home schooling if you would like to.