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Unschooling Bunbury 2017

Hi I'm unschooling my boys 14,12,9 in Bunbury next year. Looking for others to hang with, bounce ideas off and get ideas. Homeschooled my oldest daughter but did it very school like...want to take a completely different approach this time :) look forward to hearing from others.

Welcome on board :) There seems to be a couple of you in that area, have a squizz through the Welcome Mat forum and see if you can find them!

Hi there, we are moving our family up from Walpole to near Capel and would be keen to have a chat with you! I also tried the school at home approach but are finding our new life learning style suits us all better. I have an 11yr old son who is very keen on farming- cows, horses, sheep and pigs mainly. He also likes basketball and motorbike riding. My 14yr old daughter is focusing on horse training and wants to get into Rodeo. Both love movies and music. I love creating- all art forms and being a mum, my husband transports cattle and we all farm. Any common ground? :)

I look forward to hearing from you,



Hi Angie Sounds like we could have a lot in common. Would love a chance to meet and see if we could help each other. Let's make a plan to catch up in January. I'm not sure how we exchange more details but I'm sure someone can help us ;)

You should be able to do private messages now :)