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Unschooling in Perth. How to get started legally?

 Hi there,

I am interested in unschooling my daughter and live in Perth. I am unable to find straight forward information about how to get started and if this is even possible in Perth?

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Appreciate any advice and assistance. 


If you go to and hit the homeschooling tab you'll drown in info. And if you call the dept of education and ask to be put through to home education someone will send you the enrollment forms and info. A moderator will come out annually at a minimum to check progress and plans (and even if you're unschooling you'll still need to figure out how you show what's been going on - our glorious web monkey bek keeps a blog, some keep photo records, I keep a text record). Good luck, sure I've missed heaps of info that someone will fill in.

*dies of embarrassment* XD One of us needs to do a "getting started" type article for those that need the piece of paper, think it's our most faq :)

Welcome on board :) The DET website is a bit kludgy to navigate (not certain it's entirely the fault of the webmonkeys, there are a hundred billion things on there).  The beaurocratic claptrap about the legal shenanigans are here.  Getting up and running is pretty straightforward, just do what Hannah said and call or email the home education contact, they should get some info from you and put you through to your education district (if you want to pre-emtively know what your district is, find a school close to you on this subsite and click on the Administration tab, should be in a box at the bottom right).  You get to fill in forms and send them back and then if you haven't had prior experience home educating, the first moderator visit will be a meet and greet and a massive information dump of ideas and useful resources, and then they come back in a few months when you've had time to wrap your head around at least some of the stuff and invent some kind of program (which can be as loose as you like, here's mine for this year and some of that has shifted already based on things and negotiations with children, the moderators expect that stuff may change during the year because things happen and just want to know you have some kind of plan).

My daughter (14) and I are brand new to homeschooling. I really love the Unschooling philosophies, particularly being able to let the child learn what interests them. But I understand in WA all children (homeschooled or not) must follow the Australian Curriculum? This seems a bit anti-unschooling, at least on the surface. For example, on the curriculum it says for her year they should be learning about World War I in history, but my daughter has other historical events she would much rather learn about. Does anyone know if we need to follow what is prescribed? I'm finding it really hard to get this information. I want her education to be led by her, but also don't want to get in trouble with the moderators! Many thanks! :)

Nope.  Curriculum is what they "should" be doing at that year level but if you're doing something kind of vaguely equivalent (some other historical event in that time period or some other significant historical event at all) it's fine.  If you have a good moderator most of their concern is that you've made progress (which depending on the child could mean anything) since the last time they came to see you.  The moderators I'm aware of are really good and know how to translate actual education into Departmentalese.  If you have a school-obsessed moderator it might be a bit harder.