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Unschooling in Rockingham/Kwinana region

We are removing our 5 year old from traditional schooling at the end of term 1, 2015. We will be Un-Schooling (aka Free-Schooling) them from then onwards and will be endeavouring to meet the home school curriculum via this method. We are looking to meet other families interested in skill-sharing and group activities such as sports/games, craft projects, large scale projects (eg; a community garden), group excursions (observatory, zoo, art galleries, etc), camps/camping and general free play time with other children. We believe children should associate with people of all different ages and cultures so we welcome anyone with an open mind and encourage them to contact us. We feel that the tribal style of learning, working, and arranging communities is the most natural way for humans to live and we could talk for hours about it. :) We try to encourage cooperation, trust building and restorative justice in our relationships and we're especially keen to meet people with similar ideas. We are in the Rockingham/Kwinana area but we are happy to travel for special trips or to meet like-minded people. We would like to set up an unschooling style homeschool group in the local area if we can get a few people together.
I am just starting to homeschool my two kids boy 10 girl 8.We have just moved to Kwinana from Mandurah and interested in making new friends in the homeschooling community in this area with kids similar ages

Hi, Myself and my almost 7 year old son have recently moved into the rockingham area and we are keen to meet other homeschooling/unschooling families nearby. I would love to hear from you if you are still interested and still in the area. My email is

Kind regards