This is more of a statement than a policy.  Please check it every now and again as it may change without notice.

Information that is collected

You are welcome to browse articles, public blogs and links anonymously.  Your ip is noted and a cookie set to remember your preferences while you're on site. Anonymous information on browser and operating system (version, colour capabilities, css and javascript capabilities) are taken for metric purposes.

Posting any content and viewing the actual forums (not just the welcome mat) requires agreeing to our terms of service and creating a user account.

User account

Email address

Used for subscribing to forum topics.  They are viewable by admin and usually used to try to help work out whether a poster is a human, spambot or human spambot.  They are not made available to anyone else for anything unless The Law becomes involved (court subpoenas etc and they want to present an amazingly good case).


All fields are voluntary and only viewable by logged in and verified humans.  We don't mind if you choose to have a blank profile.