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Homeschool Help in the Peel Region

I am a registered teacher who also has qualifications and experience as an Education Assistant for children with Special Needs. I am currently providing individual tutoring for some students after school several days a week and I would love to expand my business to include tutoring homeschooled children and/or providing assistance to parents during school hours. I live just south of Mandurah so I'm happy to travel within the Peel Region. I charge $50 an hour and generally deliver a one hour session once a week, but could do more if necessary.

Catch up Bicton area

 Hi there, I am moving to Bicton in  couple of weeks and would love to hear from anyone in the area that might like to get together for a play or any groups around the area. I have a son age 9 and 2 daughters 3 & 1. Look forward to it :-)

Knock Knock

 Hello!  I have six children, live in the hills and moving to the northern suburbs.....someday.  my last attempt at posting was disabled by the website's spam filter so I'm not going to write more until I can get past it.

Experiential Learning

Wanted!!! NOR links

I'm new to the homeschooling arena and all that entails????? My name is Monica and I have a vibrant 5 yr old son not coping with kindy. We live in Hamersley and would like to hear from others who live NOR. Socialising is a key area he has missed out on, as he has no siblings and few friends. 

Looking for other homeschooling groups around swan valley area? Family with 4 kids :)

Hi my name is Kara and I have 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls) ages 10, 8, 6 and 2. My son who is 8 has always stuggled with school and now being in year 3 is just being left behind, whilst my other 2 are actually bored because they are advanced in class - answer homeschooling!

feeling the pull

 Hi there, I too live in the hillary's area. 

My two girls, 6 and 4 go to a wonderful school, and with great families. BUT i can't help feel the stress of school, for both for me and the girls, is pulling our family apart. I love learning with my children and feel learning to be a good family member is just as important as anything else. i could go on and on, thus is why im here. i guess i just worry about their education and future. the big question for me, "AM I BEING SELFISH?' 

meet up

 Hi im new to this site, I homeschool my 9 year old daughter. We live in ellenbrook and would love to find others who would like to meet up for chat every for night or so.I dont drive a car but can still use public transport if need be.would love to hear from others  in my area as well

Overseas and wanting to home school

 Hi Everyone, 

I live in Tanzania and have a 2 year old that i want to home school... will primarily be via internet and email.... any suggestions where to start?

Im looking forward to participating in this forum




I have a 7 yo son and a 10 yo daughter who I am considering homeschooling. A very daunting thought which has been on my mind for a long time.