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homeschooling 5 year old Freo area

Hi everyone - we are new to homeschooling in 2017 and are keen to meet up with other families in both the Fremantle area and wider Perth.  Ideally it would be great to link up with a group or two that meet up on a somewhat regular basis out in nature.  We are homeschooling our 5 year old boy.   

New to Homeschooling - Kalamunda

 Hi Everyone,

Our family has decided to take the homeschooling adventure for our children. Aged 4.5 and 2.5 years, located in Kalamunda, I'd love to meet similar aged families and location for networking and friendship.

Anyone with like needs, please contact me.


Homeschoolers in Central Wheatbelt

 Hi I currently live in Quairading and am looking for homeschooling families to catch up with. I will start homeschooling my 3 year old next year when she starts Kindy year. I homeschooled her older sister when we were still living in Perth. Anyone whos around Id be happy to catch up with for play dates, picnics.



Still trying to find homeschoolers in and around the Toodyay area

 Hey guys iv posted on a few sites now including this one,  but haven't had any luck yet. I live in Toodyay and I have a 3 year old boy. All his friends are at school now or will be going next year and I would really like to meet some families in and around the area especially those with young children that homeschool. If any one has any info or can point me in the right direction it would be muchly appreciated 



Homeschooling and Centrelink


I've been considering homeschool for my 8 year old for about a year. The older she gets the more she seems to struggle with school. Not the work, she is really intelligent, but more the schedule, demands and just the way everything is done. She's very sensitive and just doesn't seem to fit in the public school environment. Emotionally she is struggling. I wonder if homeschooling would suit her better.

Horse Riding for Children


Home School Horse Riding Lessons.

Parent Project

 HI All,

The Leeuwin Foundation runs an award-winning youth development program for ages 14-25. We use the unique medium of a WA tall-ship. In 2017, we are running a three-day Parent Project from 10-12 April. If you are interested in hearing more about this opportunity, please email office@sailleeuwin.com to register your interest! Thanks, and have a lovely day. From the Leeuwin Team

Unschooling Bunbury 2017

Hi I'm unschooling my boys 14,12,9 in Bunbury next year. Looking for others to hang with, bounce ideas off and get ideas. Homeschooled my oldest daughter but did it very school like...want to take a completely different approach this time :) look forward to hearing from others.

Home ed rockingham area

Hello, I have been thinking of home educating / Unschooling off and on for a few years, my son is 7 and taking him into such a structured and rigid environment each day is difficult for me. Just looking for help to get started, is the ed dept getting tougher on applying and registrations? Do i need to give reasons to them for my decision to homeschool? Feeling nervous to take the plunge... Regards

homeschool Armadale surrounding areas

hi , new to this group wondering where and when meet ups are have an 11 year old love to meet new friends and participate in activities for homeschooling . many thanks deb Kodi