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WE are a Bunbury home schooling family wanting to seek others in same area my son is 9 and my daughter is 7 hope to here from you locals



Hello, I'm Jo-Ann.

My husband and I are unschooling our two oldest boys. We have been living overseas and are moving back to Perth this year. Currently home for holidays and would love to meet up with other homeschooling and natural learning families. We live near Fremantle.

Hope to meet some of you soon,


Sorry about the downtime

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3 wee beasties homeschooling in ferndale

 Hi folks,

My partner Mike and I have 3 (soon to be 4) beautiful little beasties that we are presently homeschooling in Ferndale. Looking forward to meeting up with anyone else exploring down the homeschool garden path :)

Hi :)

Hi everyone, my husband and I have just decided that yes we are going to homeschool, after going back and forth for the last couple of years! We have an almost 3.5yr old boy, Connor & a 6month old girl, Elyssa. I am keen to be involved in activities that give my little ones the chance to play with other kids :)


 Hi everybody I live in Sunny Broome .I have 4 children aged 10,8,7 and 4yrs old.

We are about to move down to Albany,Denmark or Mount Barker.We are waiting for work to find us a home.I was wondering if anyone knew what was on down there?

So Iam here to find out .thanks

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Bunbury to Harvey homeschooling newbie

Hi, I am keen to start homeschooling 2 boys 7 and 5 and want contact with other homeschoolers in the Bunbury to Harvey direction to share the experience with Collywobbles


We live 20k's out at Julimar on a small property, Hubby and  I and three of the four left at home. We started out as school at homers and soon migrated to natural learning about 10 years ago.  For me I believe natural is the only way to go...the children are thriving and rather than hinder their attempts to enter formal educational settings it has enhanced their ability to do so.

Our 16 year old has been accepted to start her study for enrolled nursing and our eldest is serving overseas at present.

dipping one toe in...

 Hi all

I'm Zoe, I live in Denmark with my four kids and hubby Jeff. We aren't homeschooling at all at the moment, but I am becoming more intrigued with the idea, especially since my eldest boy Felix is asking if he can homeschool. I have a lot (!) of questions to ask, especially about the process of deschooling and how parents with lots of younger kids manage - I struggle to get the dishes done most days, not sure how well I would be able to support Felix or his siblings in following their interests.