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human certification!

 Hi, I'm Eleanor

Kimba gave me the link for this group because I wanted to meet some of my local homeschooling community :)

I've got a 2 year old daughter, Genevieve. I'm keen to homeschool her for a whole bunch of reasons; and basically because I think I could do a better job than an institution ;) Natural learning and unschooling have sparked my interest but I have a lot of questions still!

I'm hoping to come along to south beach tomorrow with Vieves dad (who is my friend, but not partner, just to clarify!) so maybe we will see some of you there.

Ahoi!! tharrrr....

 Beck, familiar 'anon' here

PLease PM me. Prefer non-public presently.

XX thanks =)

Apparently i AM human.

Western Australian Natural Learning Network is in open alpha!

By popular demand, the group formerly known as Perth Natural Learning Network on Facebook now has its own space :) Only the forums are working properly at the moment, and only one of the forums is publically viewable.  Webmonkey will sync stuff up and down as she works it out.  Feel free to chat and organise stuff and whatever.  Anyone can join as long as they don't mind the fact it's currently fugly and are prepared to help report bugs ;)


-bek the resident webmonkey


 Hi Everyone. This is Adie, mum to Finn aged 7 and Imke aged 10. I'm hoping I can be certified Bek. Thanks.


 Hi  - I'm Jane, mum to Tom (7) and Joe (4).  We don't get to the meets very often as we have other stuff on those days :(  

Have just mastered fb, so now I hope to master this forum!


hello everyone!!

 just popping on to say "hi!". i'm kirsty and have 2 boys, aged 7 and 2. i think i know most of you, but look forward to meeting everyone else! also looking forward to juicy discussions and hearing about/organising fun meets on this forum! yay community :)

Hello,Chiara,Luca and Omri here!!


Hi From Shell & Blossum :)

 Hi All :)

I'm Shell, Mumma to 17mo "Blossum". Have always hoped/planned to homeschool/unschool :)

We live in the north-east suburbs of Perth.

Hola todos!

Ah ha!  Just figured out I need to post an intro here before being able to see the rest of the forum!  

I'm Sophie, mama to Maya (4.5yrs), and step-mama to Autumn (13yrs), married to Bruce.

The rest of our family includes 2 dogs, 4 cats and 4 chooks.  

We live on a beautiful 7 acre property in Baldivis, and are working on simplifying our crazy life to enable us to have more time to enjoy it!



 Hi all

Donna- mother to two little-big people here! One is 4 and the other is 1. 

Started on the unschooling journey when my eldest was about 2 and we are enjoying the ride!

Thanks Bek, great forum!