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Hi from Northam

 Hi all :)

Mel and Riley here from Northam. Riley is a 5 year old boy who is very active and social. We would love to meet some homeschooling families in the area and catch up for coffee/playdates/swapping info etc


 My son is 15 and has  chronic pain  and  we are looking at hooking up with other families to do some lessons. Any one around Dunsborough Busselton?


Natural learners around Capel, Boyanup?

We are a family of 6, kids are 16, 14, 10 and 3. We are looking to move to Elgin (between Capel and Boyanup) and would love to meet other natural learning families in the area. Any contacts or info would be much appreciated!

Newcomer and looking for a natural learners group/community

 Hello everyone. We are new to unschooling and are looking for a community of friends  (potentially life long). Children are 3.5 and 1 so we are only just getting an idea at this stage but have no family and very little friends whos children wont be participating in school. I am concerned that my children wont have enough social interactions with other children of all ages, therefore am in search of playgroups, friends, meets amd communities for our, and other unschooling families to come together in hopes to create friendships, connections and learn from and with one another.


Hi there, I have been homeschooling for 17+ years in Geraldton. We'll be doing it for many years to come, as our youngest is only 15 months old :) I'm happy to meet anyone new to town or homeschooling. While there are a lot of us here, there are no organized, regular meet ups, just small personal groups. 

Homeschooling 14 Year Old

 Hi There,

I'm new to homeschooling and would love to hear from other parents of teenage boys who live north of the river.

I look forward to hopefully meeting some of you :)

How equal are home schoolers compared to regular high school graduate

 Hi, can anyone guide us as to whether home schooling programs would be acceptable to enter Medicine? Do we have to attend a local school at all? Do we have to do NAPLAN/HSC/Year 12 final exam? Would it be equal with ATAR?

Thanks in advance guys.


education dept dilema

 hi,can anyone advise me on what i can do.my 13 year old daughter is regisrered for home schooling,she is extremly inteligent and finds the curriculum set by the ed dept unstimulating.we are at a point in which our moderator is dissapointed in my daughters progress and is starting to apply pressure and threats of deregistration.unlike the dept i am not concerned with her progress in fact i feel very posative about her future,my understanding is that if deregistered the dept will intervene in a variaty of ways that i can only see as having a negative affect on my daughter and the family

Bunbury Groups and activities

Good morning everyone :-) My name is Christine and I have a wonderful 11 year old son named Jacob that I have just started homeschooling. We are very new to this and currently live in Collie where there are no groups or activities being run for hbl families. So I've stumbled across this site and am hoping to get connected in someway with a group or pointed in the right direction so any info that your able to give would be greatly appreciated :-) Chrissy

Capel Early Years

 Hello from Capel. My son (6 years) and I would like to meet similar aged children and parents nearby. We have been unschooling for almost 6 months and though much happier in being home, lacking in social interaction.Happy to travel to Bunbury, Busselton or Donnybrook for play :-)