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Hi! I'm new from Seville Grove

Hi there, I've decided to hs my kids starting in July this year. I am looking to do heaps of research before then to make it a smooth transition from school for my 9yo dd, 7yo and 5yo boys. I also have a 1 yo boy as well.

Mobile Piano Tuition

Hi i would love to offer home school kids and even parents Piano lessons! I can come to you! From beginners to AMEB Exams. Practical and Theory Contemporary to Classical.. The only instrument that stimulates the mathematical side of the brain

Anyone interested in a Steiner/Waldorf homeschool co op?

Hi Everyone, I have 2 little boys, aged 2 & 4, and we are currently enrolled at a Steiner School but are seriously considering a move to Waldorf Homeschool, probably following Oak Meadow curriculum with a lot of creative license thrown in. If there is anyone interested in joining us on the journey, we could use friends. There will be at least a Kindy 5 day (or 2) and possibly a play group as well. Play based learning, strong emphasis on rhythm and handwork (crafts) as well as circle time and morning tea (fresh baked bread!) We live in Mt Hawthorn next to a lovely playground.

Looking for local homeschoolers

Hi, were a homeschooling family from NSW, new to Geraldton, we have an 8 year old girl desperate for friends to connect and play with here. We also have two boys a 5 year old and a very active 2 year old. Wondering if there's a local homeschool group that meets regularly....

Hi. New to homeschooling

 Hi. I am new to homeschooling. From the beginning of the new school term I ll be homeschooling my youngest child, my son Callum (8yrs). It would be great to meet with other homeschoolers in our area (Nth Perth- Yokine). Callum previously attended a Steiner school (his sisters still attend) but Callum appears to need more one on one and a more diverse community to really bring out his potential.

Home schooling for Steiner Waldorf curriculum for class 6/7

Hi, Just moved to southwest WA from NT. My children have been in the Steiner school for 2 years and loving it. My eldest boy needs to repeat class 6, but because I have decided to homeschool him it was suggested that he be homeschool in the class 7 Waldorf curriculum. Just needing to hear from others and maybe try to connect in the Yallingup, Dunsborough, Busselton region. Look forward to hearing from anyone. Cheers.

New to this group need to join current group

 Hello everyone,

I am Forum and i have 3 years old daughter interested in natural learning advised by one of the homeschooler mum.

We are located in yokine. Any group nearby please let us know.





SA Homeschoolers moving to WA

 Hi there, we are a family with 3 homeschooled boys aged 8,10 and 13 years.  We are looking at moving to the Bridgetown area in Western Australia in the new year and wondering if there are any homeschooling families with similiar aged children for catch ups, sports, board games etc???   Love to hear if there are any groups or families in the area.  Thanks! Rachel

Confused who to enrol through for homeschooling

Hi everyone. My daughter is going into year 7 next year and is petrified to go due to the reputation of the high school in our catchment area. I've been looking online at different homeschooling options but finding it a little confusing. Can anyone help please. Regards Rebecca

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