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Looking for like-minded families Freo and SOR

Hello, I'm a mum to two daughters aged 5 and 2. We're brand new to homeschooling and natural learning and are keen to meet some like minded souls! Thanks, Sarah


Hi We are thinking about homeschooling our 2 boys (7&9) as our catchment school is so ridged, so many rules and trying to control everything it's ridiculous! They both perform very well but are not happy there and have a constant battle to get them to do the mound of homework given every night. Not to sure how to go about it or even if if would be a better option for us, we are going travelling at the end of the year for six month and planning on unschooling them while away as we feel they will learn so much from our adventure. Thanks Sus

Homeschool regular group


I have a beautiful 10 year old boy (very into nature!) I am just about to start on the homeschool journey and wanting to know if there are any groups that meet up for plays ad coffees. I am in Melville so anywhere down towards Freo way would be good.



German Familiy Moving to Perth

 Hi everyone,

I have three Kids Noah 5, Nala 3 and Philine 1. We are moving to Perth in February 2015 and looking for new friends to start the adventure of homescholling together. The kids understand a little bit Englisch- but not much... Thats what worries me. How can they learn englisch without going to school or Preschool?

Anyone in kalgoorlie?

Hi all,

Thanks for having me :)

We are travelling Australia with our 3 kids (12, 10 and 3) at the moment and we've been unschooling for about 4 years.

Our bus needs some repairs so we're kinda stuck in kalgoorlie at the moment.

We'd love to meet some fellow unschoolers and cheer ourselves up a bit. We're staying at a backpackers in town and have no transport.



would luv to get together we r in joondalup area perth wa

 Hi I've been homeschooling unschooling my 7 year old daughter olivia for two years we have been traveling around oz in our motorhome bus and we are now caretaking untill Dec in mariginiup near joondalup Perth we would luv to get to know some other like minded homeschoolers please message me if u r interested kind regards kate

Hi from Baldivis

 Hi! I'm Kali - mum to Alexandra who's almost 3. We're exploring the world of home schooling and would love to meet some like-minded people!


 Hi, thinking about homeschooling my two girls (they are still little, 3 and  18mth), we live between the hills and northam and just wondering what the homeschool community is like out my way and if there is one!! am slightly overwhelmed by the mainstream kindy starting at 3.5yr and prep the next year, it just seems so young! have been thinking about h/s and starting to do some reading ...and there is lots to read! i like the steiner approach for the early years and would love any info and comments :-)

Hello I am a part of a homeschool group that meets on Thursdays

Just wondering if any of you are a part of an organized group that meets on a regular basis. Where is it and what is it like and is it meeting your home- school needs. I have home- school my two children and two I sent to a private school. How has your meeting gone with your moderator. What good suggestions to you have in making those meetings meaningful? Cheers, Constance


 I am a trained and experienced early childhood teacher.  I am wanting to homeschool my 2 boys (eldest kindy next year) and love the idea of natural learning and unschooling, but am really struggling with how it works.  How do you program in a way that is accepted by moderator?  How do you cover the whole curriculum?  What if your child never wants to do something that he really needs to do (eg. learning to write, times tables, .....)?  Are there any things you MAKE your child do?  Do you have any structured lessons?