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Natural learners in Bunbury

 Hi everyone! I'm really excited to have found this little band of resistance :-) 

We have just moved to Bunbury, where we used to live over 6 years ago, but this time we have a 3-year-old boy and a 10-month-old boy with us. We have already tested most of the principles of unschooling/natural learning with our 3-year-old, and we are converted to it.

Potential homeschooler in Rockingham/Peel Region, WA

 Hi all,

I am in Baldivis and have 2 boys - 12yrs and 8yrs. Both my sons have learning difficulties (Dyslexia/ADHD/SPD/Dyspraxia/etc) but are very bright and are eager and curious learners which school is quickly sucking out of them. :o( Especially the eldest. :o(  :o(

Homeschooling community in Broome?


We currently homeschool in Melbourne and are potentially moving to Broome, so am attempting to gather as much 'intel' as I can, on how I could design our life there.  Is anyone on here already homeschooling in Broome? Or does anyone know of a community there - a family or two or more?!

Thanks :)

New-to-be parents trying to get stuff sorted :)

 Hi All! I have been homeschooled in South Africa and will be homeschooling our kids. Only pregnant  at the moment (Eager I know!) but would like to find out what type of support system there is in WA? Especially keen to hear from parents with little children on how they are starting to incorporate homeschooling in pre-kindy and pre-primary education. Back in SA we had a like a not-for-profit group that organised social outings, learning expeditions etc, but it was mostly for & year olds +

Interested in homeschooling NOR

Hi all. I am a mother of 3 (7yrs, 2yrs, 5mnths) and I have just started looking at homeschooling my children. My 7yr old has SPD and a unique way of thinking that is making it difficult for him to find his place in the public school system. I truly think he will benefit from the flexibility offered by home schooling.

looking for a group in Albany WA

 Hi there

I am not sure if this is where I am supposed to ask but I am looking for a support group in the Albany area in WA?


Love Heidi

Looking to homeschool my 4 and 5 yo



Ive got two munchkins (4yo girl 5yo boy) that i would like to homeschool. Been thinking about it for over a year now and just havent made the leap yet. 

Interested in Homeschooling

 Hi there, 

I have 2 little boys, aged 3 and 20 months. We are exploring the option to homeschool our children and wish to meet like minded parents. We are interested in Steiner/Montessori style of learning, as we currently attending a Steiner playgroup.  

We live in Bedford. 


Moving to Carnarvon

Hi! We are currently homeschooling our three children, ages 9, 6, and 4. We are travelling around Aus in a caravan and will be making a three month stop in Carnarvon (of all places!) for work. I'm wondering if there are any other homeschoolers in thé area? We are originally from Tasmania so it's certainly going to be a shock to the system!

Major security patch

There was a security issue in Drupal that has since been fixed but before I managed to patch it some idiot/s got in.  I'm not sure what was done so I've rolled back the site to a known safe backup which means if you signed up an account after the 11th of October, you'll have to sign up again.  Sorry :(

Everyone else, scan your computers for virii and malware and your bank accounts for suspicious activities and all those other things.